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Monday, June 3, 2013

What?? George Takei is gay?? Who cares???

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That was my normal response when I first heard that Mr. Sulu was gay. To be honest it never really surprised me one bit. I was actually proud when he came out, about the almost non-event that it seemed to be. This was of course in comparison to the pounding that Ellen took when she officially came out years ago. The ribbing he took at the Roast of William Shatter had me in tears laughing so hard. I was like this guy is even more cool than he was in Star Trek. So why is it that I don’t care that he’s gay? Well for me a persons sexuality has never been an issue. Oh you’re gay? That’s cool. Is my normal response. I found that a lot of people who are gay are surprised by my reaction. Probably because I am registered with the GOP and up until very recently devoutly religious. Because of those my friends and acquaintances who are gay have often held back telling me.

So, why am I posting this? Well it is in response to a blog post by Mr. Takei himself (click here for the blog). It's about the fight of actors and those who are in the “Celluloid Closet” as he put it, have and the hard choice it is for them to come out. Sometimes the choice comes at the cost if a job, a career, a family, friends, and even life itself.
His post changed, or rather, helped to change my opinion on the matter. So I have to say from now on, when a friend or even some one I don’t know comes out as gay, my response will be different. No longer will they get the Oh cool, have a good day. They will get something more along the lines of: Thank you for your courage and trust in me. Thank you for finding me worthy to know more about your life. That it may have not been easy at all to tell me or even to consider telling someone.
We here a lot about the silent majority in this county and I think, if more of us who have no fear of you being gay, gave more support to the LGBT community the fear and repercussions, no not repercussions, that signifies that you have done something to receive it. The fear and tyranny that is associated with coming out will be much less. Remember a bully has no power to bully the one, if 30 people stand next to the one being bullied. The good of the few out way the good of the many? Yes Spock in this case. Yes being a major Star Trek fan I had to work something like that into my writing today.
So I will end my rant today with the follow:
If you have a friend who has come out to you, say thank you to them for their courage and strength to come out. Ask them what support they need from you and be very clear with what support you are willing to give. Remember, if you have a friend who has come out to you, they trust you. Don’t abuse that trust and continue to foster your friendship.