Monday, June 3, 2013

What?? George Takei is gay?? Who cares???

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That was my normal response when I first heard that Mr. Sulu was gay. To be honest it never really surprised me one bit. I was actually proud when he came out, about the almost non-event that it seemed to be. This was of course in comparison to the pounding that Ellen took when she officially came out years ago. The ribbing he took at the Roast of William Shatter had me in tears laughing so hard. I was like this guy is even more cool than he was in Star Trek. So why is it that I don’t care that he’s gay? Well for me a persons sexuality has never been an issue. Oh you’re gay? That’s cool. Is my normal response. I found that a lot of people who are gay are surprised by my reaction. Probably because I am registered with the GOP and up until very recently devoutly religious. Because of those my friends and acquaintances who are gay have often held back telling me.

So, why am I posting this? Well it is in response to a blog post by Mr. Takei himself (click here for the blog). It's about the fight of actors and those who are in the “Celluloid Closet” as he put it, have and the hard choice it is for them to come out. Sometimes the choice comes at the cost if a job, a career, a family, friends, and even life itself.
His post changed, or rather, helped to change my opinion on the matter. So I have to say from now on, when a friend or even some one I don’t know comes out as gay, my response will be different. No longer will they get the Oh cool, have a good day. They will get something more along the lines of: Thank you for your courage and trust in me. Thank you for finding me worthy to know more about your life. That it may have not been easy at all to tell me or even to consider telling someone.
We here a lot about the silent majority in this county and I think, if more of us who have no fear of you being gay, gave more support to the LGBT community the fear and repercussions, no not repercussions, that signifies that you have done something to receive it. The fear and tyranny that is associated with coming out will be much less. Remember a bully has no power to bully the one, if 30 people stand next to the one being bullied. The good of the few out way the good of the many? Yes Spock in this case. Yes being a major Star Trek fan I had to work something like that into my writing today.
So I will end my rant today with the follow:
If you have a friend who has come out to you, say thank you to them for their courage and strength to come out. Ask them what support they need from you and be very clear with what support you are willing to give. Remember, if you have a friend who has come out to you, they trust you. Don’t abuse that trust and continue to foster your friendship.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Windows 8, Canon and my Dad

Greetings everyone! It’s been a week since my last post and I wanted to bring you up to speed on what I’ve been doing,

After a long wait taxes finally are in and I did a few house keeping things. First off I upgraded my computer from windows 7 to startshotWindows 8. Quite the change. Tiles? Apps? Where is my start button?!?!?!?!

Now, I’m a pretty tech savvy guy and though this was going to be painless. For the most part the upgrade was. However, my video card is not supported at this time. So after finding that out it was down to BestBuy where the guys hooked up with a mild card for 39.99. It was 30 bucks off so score!.

That installed and then poof the resolution fixed itself and now I’m back to full 1920x1080 p HD Smile

IMG_0039While there I also upgraded from a mid range digital camera to a DSLR. I love my new Canon Rebel! It brings me back to the days of my old 35mm Nikon. I’m enjoying learning more about it and I hope soon to have it mounted to a telescope.

It takes very nice pictures at just over 18mp and I can edit them in raw. Which is even more nice. I’ll be posting more of these to my picture circles in the next few days.

I finally got my dad to agree to come stay with me for a while. He is recovering from major surgery and thought he would do just fine by himself. That didn’t work out and he ended up having more issues. I’m just glad things worked out and he is with me now.

No back complaining today.



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Weather, the traffic and other rants


The weather today has been awesome. I love the relief we are getting from the oncoming heat. However with this cooler weather comes the wind and a lot of pollen in the air. It makes it a bit difficult to wear my contacts all day. But hey, at least  I can still wear them.


When it comes to traffic I’m not talking about downtown or midtown. I’m talking about the traffic to the web. Specifically this blog. I find myself trying to improve my readership and failing. I have done most of everything that has been suggested. I just registered the blog at When I post here I also tweet it out, Facebook and Google + it as well. So we will see if the improvement works.

On a lighter note. My dad, who if you have read any posts is doing much better. The SNF that he is at took him back and he is authorized for up to a month longer stay.

No political rants today.


Take care

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

So I find myself trying out Windows Live Writer. It’s supposed to be a lot better than just using the blogger web interface. I guess it will be fine as long as it doesn’t mess with my templates lol.

So like I said Happy Mothers day to everyone out there who is a mom. Smile Not that moms everywhere shouldn’t be cherished every day of the year, one day to exemplify mom is needed. Captur2e

The weather for may is coming in hot right now. Is 85 right now and it is going to get hotter.

On another note. I’m rather bored today. Waiting for my daughter and Crystal to get home so we can cook dinner and have a great night.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Doesn't anyone cruise downtown anymore?

I went out last week with the hope of passing on or bringing a tradition to my daughter. I was going to take her cruising. Now I've not taken my ride downtown in many years. But it used to be a hot stop. Sometimes taking a full hour or more to make one loop. Now, nothing. We were always locked in a constant battle for our right to cruise vs the police telling us to go home. They even made it illegal to park downtown after 10pm. It didn't stop us. They tried limiting the number of "laps" one could have too, but that didn't work. We all had enough cars to keep switching up on them over and over. As I grew older I lost interest for a bit. But I always thought when my child gets to be that age.... I'm going to teach her. Now, shes 14.. I want her to have the fun I did but it seems that the cruise here is dead. 
I would like to invest the time into rebuilding it. The local police here used to not like me they can not like me again. However I am torn between the past and the future. Do I put myself out there and show my daughter how to fight for something that might not come back even after months of CPR? 

It's just one of those things I guess, where do you draw the line. Do you walk away or do you fight one more time.

I guess it's a thought I'm going to have to bounce around in my head for a while. 


Very Sad State of our Nation

I sit here watching my Facebook profile bounce back and forth about who knew what and when about Benghazi. This is the same thing that happened when 9/11 happened. When the USS Cole was struck and many others. The only thing that has changed is whose side is POTUS. I mean, we have "No one died when Clinton lied" and Now I'm seeing "No one died when Nixon lied".

U.S. Capitol Building
Come on people are you that blind? Do you really think that any of the people in Washington DC care if you post pictures of Hillary Clinton saying two different things about two different presidents and eras? No they don't. In fact they all love it. Why? Because you're not talking about the issues at hand. You're playing the blame game. Most of the info that is out there about who said what and when, and who knew what and when is put out that by political factions just trying to sway opinion.

So how about this... Instead of re-sharing someones doctored up spam. Why don't you sit back back, take a close look at what is really going on. Do your own research and watch what happens. You will begin to see the world not for the way the Republicans or Democrats want you to see it. You will start to see the world for the way it is. If you want a really good look at how the world views us just look at the way we are shown in the world press. Just watch some internet news feed from Brazil or even England. You think our press spins things? You should see how villainous we look when the world press spins our protests.

Bad things happen under every POTUS watch. Some times they are things that can be fixed quickly and sometimes the process takes time. Years even. Now, from experience I know some far left person is going to take this and point out how I'm just part of the right wing conspiratorial brigade.  Well guess what.. the far right is going to point out my left just as fast. So instead of pointing and saying he said she said.... Why don't we just not rebroadcast the crap the people in congress what us too and tell them to stay focused on the facts. By doing that, they won't be able to get us off track. Which will kept them reluctantly on track.

Blame is going to happen.. but in this country all are innocent until proven guilty. No matter who is in office. When we play the blame game we just allow ourselves to become mired into the muck of gunk that is already clogging the sewer pipes of this country.